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About Laser treatment for facial post-acne scars

Can I achieve perfect skin after Laser treatment?

Scar "removal" is better understood as scar reduction. No treatment can make your skin looked 100%, as if you have never had scars before. A realistic expectation is an improvement of between 65% to 90% (varies from person to person). You will be surprised how much better you will look!

Do scar creams help?

There are many types of creams sold which make fantastic claims. I believe that some ethical or medically studied ones do help to some extent. They are best used on the face weeks before, during, and months after Laser treatment.

My friend and myself went for the same treatment. Why is it that my face improves so much more than hers?

Laser stimulation of collagen fibrils beneath each scar may be the same, but the pace of recovery and collagen remodeling do vary from person to person. Your friend may need some extra sessions of Laser.

Are there any side effects to Laser treatment of face scars?

Ablative or invasive Laser is strictly to be carried out in a hospital setting. Almost all doctors now prefer non-ablative Laser. The light energy used passes through the skin with no side effects. No uneven pigmentation, no plastic looking face! Very safe.

What must I do after each Laser session?

You just need to drink more water for the next two days. You can go back to your usual cosmetic routine the very same night. Health food is important for good results. All fruits and vegetables are strongly recommended.


About Botox treatment

How safe is Botox for treatment of adult wrinkles?

Botox is not a new medicine. For the last 30 years or so, Botox has been in use to treat children with muscle spasm (tight muscle) of limbs. The quantity used each time is 12 times or more, that of the amount used in aesthetic treatment of facial wrinkles. It is therefore extremely safe.

Are these injections painful?

Patient's innate fear of needles is the main issue here. The injection of Botox in experienced hands, is quick and almost painless.

Can Botox be used for lines on the lower face?

Botox injections give excellent result for the wrinkles over the upper half of the face. Imagine a horizontal line drawn over your face at the level of the tip of your nose. Botox injections given above this line give good results. Any treatment below may not give satisfactory results.

Will my face swells after Botox?

No. There may be the occasional 'mosquito bite reaction' marks. These clears up in 10 minutes or so. Rarely we do see a small bruise-like mark on some injection sites. These too will clear with time.

How soon do I need the next Botox treatment?

This varies from person to person. Patient whose work requires a lot of facial expression (stage actors, customer service, etc.) OR who habitually frowns without knowing, may need more frequent treatments. These ranges from 3 to 6 months. For most patients, each treatment may last them between 7 to 9 months.


About hair loss

Why am I losing my hair?

Most hair loss (balding in both men and women) is due partially to genetic and partially to hormonal factors. The scalp (skin condition) is perfectly normal. Some patients notice hair loss because of "receding hairline" while others complain of hair coming out excessively after combing. Hair loss affect most people in their late thirties or early forties. However it is not rare to see hair loss in patients as young as 18 years old. Rare causes of hair loss seen in Singapore include malnutrition, iron deficiency and chronic scalp infections.

How do professionals treat hair loss in men?

There are no shortage of effective and scientifically proven treatments available for treating partial balding. The first target of effective treatment is to PREVENT FURTHER LOSS. Oral tablet (such as Propecia 1 mg) is nearly 100% able to achieve this. The next target of treatment is to grow "more hair" and "stouter hair". Propecia again has been very effective in hitting this target in 70% of male patients. Another proven method is scalp lotion or spray (medical grade). This may be used alone or in combination with oral Propecia.

What about treating hair loss in women?

Fret not. Scalp application and gentle massage with medical grade lotion can do wonders. I also recommend a certain Vitamin supplement which helps to "boost" hair regrow. Both are very very safe.

How soon can I see results?

Our eyes cannot detect hair loss or hair regrow at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. The best way is for your medical doctor to do "density measurement" every 6 months. You may also rely on photos taken at suitable intervals. One quick way (in just one week) to tell if treatment is effective is to count hair strands either on your pillow case or bathroom floor every morning. The amount of "dropped hair" seen should have reduced by 80% after one week or so into treatment.

What are some of the more common side effects of treatment?

Scalp spray and massage may cause mild irritation in some patients. Should this happen, you do not have to stop treatment completely. Instead of spraying twice a day, you may reduce the spray to once, every other day. Do this for two weeks before resuming daily use. You may also request for a lotion that has a lower percentage of alcohol.

Oral vitamins are absolutely safe. Oral Propecia has been in use by millions, world wide for the last 15 years with proven safety profile. In theory, there are the occasional reversible erectile dysfunction. I have not seen even one yet in my 20 years of practice. The very few claims of irreversible erectile problems in the USA is highly debatable.

Will special shampoos help?

Yes. Some medical shampoos do have additional benefits, but not a lot.



Tips for great skin?

Love to have great skin? Drink more plain water. It keeps you well hydrated. Take vegetables every day.
Add to that a generous helping of fish. These have natural Omega 6, 3 and 9. Try it! It also helps to keep you fit and trim.

If you were to be given a choice of just one cream to use on your face, which will it be?

Did you guess right? Yes, it's sunblock. You should get one that has a SPF value of either 30 or 50. Any higher than 50 is a waste of money.

Doc, I am stressed. What can I do?

You are definitely not alone. Most Singaporeans are totally stressed out. First possible reason is that we allow our brain to remain overworked almost continuously. Unending worries, negative thoughts, disappointments, future plans, past problems… Next, we hardly move our physical body which is glued hours on end, either in office chairs, MRT seats and home sofas.

Solution? Do the reverse and you would have halved your stress level. Set two hours a day to deliberately switch off all gadgets that might stimulate your burnt out brain or nerves. Put away all social networking devices, iPad games, bills, etc. Get your four limbs moving. Moderate exercise, 3 times a week, each lasting at least 25 minutes, working out the big muscles induce a surge of endorphins in our system. This is one of many God's gift to help us get in shape, mentally. It's very uplifting, it trims our weight, and make us more productive. Try it!

Have good buddies to share your problems. Don't be a lone ranger. My best buddy is Jesus Christ. I cast my burdens to Jesus every day, I pray, I read His word… wonderful!

In extreme stress, please see your personal doctor or see a psychiatrist for a more detailed diagnosis.