Laser, Fillers and Botox treatment at Tampines

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Quality treatment at affordable fees.

Do you suffer from acne scars? Chickenpox scars? Large skin pores?
Dark patches on your face? Wrinkles perhaps? The answer: Laser
non-ablative, Botox, Fillers, Microdermabrasion and
other time-tested procedures.

Quality treatment at affordable fees

We provide proven treatment and the best medical care in these areas:


  • Scars and pits on face due to previous Acne Vulgalris (Laser)
  • Wrinkles and face sharpening for both
    sexes (Botox)
  • Black and brown blemishes on face
  • Deep lines with natural Fillers

Skin diseases (acute and chronic)

  • Acne Vulgalris (pimples)
  • Itchy dry skin (Eczema)
  • Hives
  • Fungal infections

Hair loss and nail deformities

We have 20 years of experience in treating all forms of hair loss in both sexes, and nail deformities due to fungal infections.

Prevention medicine

  • Anti-obesity
  • Supplements for dry skin and itch
  • Collagen pills for better skin
  • Hormone replacement for men


Clinically proven procedures


Before Laser treatment

Our Laser is non-ablative & pain-free!

Certain wavelengths are excellent in dealing with stubborn scars. Other wavelengths at a different fluence can be used to treat pigmented patches on the face, such as Melasma. Hair removal is also done by Laser.

Our Laser treatment starts from $400 per session.
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Face before Botox treatment

Botox for face re-shaping

Botox is widely used to re-shape the lower face to achieve a "more almond shape".

Per treatment starts from $650.
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Forehead before Botox treatment

Botox for forehead wrinkles

Other areas on the face where Botox injections are safe as a form of treatment include crow feet and frown lines.

Per area starts from $220.
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Hair loss before treatment

Hair loss treatment

Treatment can be rewarding for both men and women.

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Some of the reasons patients seek for aesthetic treatment...

"My forehead lines make me look older than
my age."
Mother of two teenagers


"The moles on my face are causing me great embarrassment."
35 years old working lady
"These acne scars on my face have ruined me for 19 years. Just no confidence in talking to the opposite sex…"
Bachelor, 39 years old


"My face is too squarish."
Lady in customer service
"I have had hair loss for years. I had many herbal and other treatments. These were all ineffective."
49 years old property consultant